Saxophone Lounge Music

Saxophone Lounge, live lounge music
with saxophone and beats from computer

Saxophone Lounge is a perfect one-man-band for smaller groups: a unique compact Saxophone – ‘DJ’ act! Not a real DJ, but the computer that plays the lounge tracks, controlled by the saxophonist. This lounge act is an exclusive musical jazz lounge concept with warm tenor saxophone and contemporary lounge music.
Not entirely acoustic, but can be semi-acoustic! (sax un-amplified, and lounge tracks over small speaker, soft).
But of course also completely amplified if played for a larger audience.

Lounge music with saxophone for reception

With pre-programmed tracks and beats, it is the ideal background lounge act for smaller settings where it is not allowed to be too loud but where it can swing slightly. Good to create a lounge ambiance. Saxophone Lounge is a self-supporting one-man band with its own sound set for up to 150 people.

For many years we have been successfully working together with various saxophonists who can put this jazz lounge concept from Buro van Otterloo to fruition. On this page you will also find videos with other saxophonists.

The standard performance is a maximum of 3 x 45 minutes within 3 hours with pause music matching in the breaks.

Saxophone Lounge can also be extended by a DJ so they can also play dance music together when the party has started! This concept is called Bubbles DJ and live sax. And can also be extende by a lady singer and/or percussion player!
  • Saxophone Lounge Music
  • Saxophone Lounge Music
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