Nederlandse vocal popgroep de Meisjes met de Wijsjes

Dutch singers act ‘the Girls with the Tunes’
Unique Dutch vocal pop group

‘De Meisjes met de Wijsjes’ (‘The Girls with the Tunes’) is the only act that purely sing Dutch songs! They are versatile, mobile and therefore widely applicable.
Standard theatrical performance: a listening program of 15 to 30 minutes: Dutch songs from the past and modern time, sometime some short performances are added! for example a short and very funny ‘alternative’ clogdance!. A capella or with accompaniment, amplified and acoustic. Sparkling, fresh and powerful!

Mobile acoustic or as podium act

Mobile, acoustic: the Girls walk around between the bubbling guests and bring their Dutch tunes pure and therefore very intimate.
Podium act: the Girls perform on a central stage as an act or as background music. They build up the set of a capella listening songs to danceable sing-alongs with tape.
Concert: a complete listening program from 30 to 45 minutes in which ‘the Girls with the Tunes’ will amuse you with Dutch songs from then and now, with comical sketches in between.

The Girls also have a Christmas show.

The Girls with the Tunes is formed by Arianne Abbestee, Simone Breukink, Tessa Jimmink and Fardoe Swaanswijk.

Experience shows that a sound check for four voices takes about 30 minutes.
The following technical equipment and stage adjustment must be present in order to be able to fulfill the obligations properly:
Stage and playing surface
1. CLIENT will ensure that there is a stable, immobile and flat stage of at least 4 x 3 meters for this act, unless otherwise agreed in case there is no podium.
2. If the height of the podium is higher than a normal stairway, please take a step at the front or side of the stage. The stage must be wiped clean.
3. The stage must be accessible on the ground floor and without obstacles from the loading and unloading area. The distance from this place to this stage should not exceed 25 meters. If these conditions can not be met, the extra man hours will be charged to the CLIENT.
4. CLIENT must ensure proper power connections at or in close proximity (within 5 meters) of the stage to be used. This must be completely separate from other electricity within the property.

Setup stage:
X Vocals 1 X Vocals 2 X Vocals 3 X Vocals 4
X monitor 1 X Monitor 2

Sound and light
5. The minimum PA requirements are:
– 2 active speakers
– 2-4 x floor monitor
– 1x mixing table, min. 8 channels
– 1x input for laptop (play orchestra band / music)
– 4 handheld transmitter vocal microphones
– 4 microphone stands without ‘rod’ and with round base
Microphones as starting point for the sound check like in terms of tone control and gain for each singer identical. Taking into account that four women’s voices will sound a bit shrill and high. The monitor mix is ​​the same on every monitor. No reverberation on the monitors, on the main
PA likes to use it subtly.

* They have instrumental tapes on USB or telephone for a number of tracks. They give the sound technician a set list and / or cue so that he can switch them on.
6. The minimum Light requirements are:
– T-Bar with 4 Spots, no blue or green light.
– Stageplot 4 meters x 3 meters

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  • De Meisjes met rood wit blauw oranje jurkjes
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  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
  • De Meisjes met de Wijsjes
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