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  • Opening act dinner breakdance chefs

    the Girls with the Tunes

    Magician – magician walking around / stage

    Dutch Accordeon duo Brinker

    Mobile trio King Fellows

    Mobile acoustic duo Barkley Bunch

    SongBirds acoustic quartet

    Pianist Piero Bianculli solo, duo, trio

    Bianculli Piano Showband

    Italian duo or trio Colore

    Retro DJ Charley (Jukebox)

    Singing waitresses – Flavourettes

    Hostesses Femmes de la Nuit

    Classical ensemble Divertimento

    Harp-violin duo Dada

    Lady singer – pianist Ravenna

    James Bond act singer Ravenna

    James Bond theme party

    Las Vegas theme party

    Showdancers theme party