Founder and owner

Katelijne van Otterloo - van de Loo
Katelijne van Otterloo - van de Loo
Creatief directeur, bouwkundig ir., pop-jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

Background artist agency Buro van Otterloo

Artists agency Buro van Otterloo started in October 2008 with architectural engeneer and jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo. She created and founded this high quality agency. Before this she gained 4 years of experience in the entertainment and event world as a creative director of an entertainment agency.

After this period she decided to continue with her team Helena Gitzels, Gerdien van den Bosch (until 2011) and Bas van Otterloo, so she could give Buro van Otterloo her own signature.

Through new inspiration, insights and partners, good ideas arose for affordable quality in music and entertainment and a policy aimed at warm, long-term relationships.

According to Katelijne, there is a huge need for an artist agency that is more than just a booking agency. “Customers want you to think along and give helpful advice.  You must understand what matters and above all that you need to feel where it needs to go: the purpose of the event. And that is what we underline with fitting entertainment, often tailor-made.”

As she is an engineer and worked in corporate business, she speaks the same language as academics from the top business community, she can translate the business engineering matter into music, acts, shows and stylish entertainment. Entertainment at a high level, it is possible! Katelijne is convinced of her added value and has proven it many times. She combines her singing career with great pleasure with her own Artists agency Buro van Otterloo.

Buro van Otterloo wants to respond to the increasing demand for advice regarding entertainment, the high quality, professionalism and flexibility of the artists and of course the affordability of the acts and the creative custom-made productions it delivers.

Katelijne van Otterloo graduated as an architect at the Delft University of Technology in 2000 and is also an experienced singer / presenter with more than one talent. She no longer ‘builds’ with bricks, but with people’s talents, who also like to ‘build’ and ‘grow’ themselves. She knows the world on, behind and in front of the stage like no other. She knows the business world as exploitation consultant and marketing- and communication manager and she grew up with music. Therefor she is the perfect and unique link between the management of a company that has an event to be organised with a certain goal and on the other hand the artists for whom she can translate the wish / objective well.

Together with her husband Bas van Otterloo, head of programming at the Metropole Orkest, producer, composer, arranger and bassist, she has a large personal musical network. She is in direct contact with many talented people and companies, known or not (yet to be) known.

“As creative director I am therefore responsible for the whole, a sort of architect for this artistic and also business agency. I find it a challenge to combine my experience in the music and television world with my academic training in Architectural Engineering. Best of both worlds actually, within my own company. I am very grateful, happy and proud of the people around me at the office, at home (husband, great man Bas, my son and my daughter) and in my special and personal social and business network, who provide me with advice and assistance.” 


Constantly, she and her team are scouting for new talent that distinguishes itself in talent, quality and originality and also develops entertainment concepts and customized (opening) acts such as StringCats and Breakdance act, but also dance shows and complete dinner shows with various disciplines.

As a 4-year-old girl she was already playing the piano, when she was 5  she was already singing for an audience, she enjoyed 13 years of classical piano lessons from the age of 7, with 8 years she made her first show between the sliding doors, studied at the T.U. in Delft and became Architectural engeneer. In addition to her studies she was on stage as a jazz singer and pop singer, later also as one of the 4 singers of the Top 40 girls group EXPOSURE. With this group she toured through the Netherlands and Europe and at special places abroad (in Thailand and at the center spot at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, at the championsleague finale Ajax-Juventus, for 85,000 spectators) and did a DAYLY, PRIME TIME duo presentation on TV with Jeroen van der Boom on channel SBS6.

After all these years of music and shows she graduated from the Technical University, wrote her own songs, produced 4 solo albums of which 2 releases in Bangkok (Thailand), stood in the Dutch theaters and performed in the Netherlands, but also in countries like Germany, Thailand, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Katelijne shared the jazz stage with greats, such as Louis van Dijk, Thijs van Leer, Ruud Jacobs etc. She worked in the business sector for 4 years and started as an independent entrepreneur with her own artist agency Buro van Otterloo. Katelijne van Otterloo is an artistic entrepreneur who combines her skills as a conceptual thinker (engineer) with her passion and talent for music (singer, songwriter). An unique combination that can be found in the success of Buro van Otterloo!