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LED poi, Visual LED poi, Fire poi acts

LED ACT (LED poi act) with CUSTOM MADE VISUALS as WoW! opening act, interlude or closing act (3-5 min): Your own logo or text in the show? We can integrate words (short texts), logo’s and slogans in the the show. Think of company logos and / or brand, ideal for product launches, birthday or Christmas wishes and everything in full color! Room should be darkened a little during the show for optimal result. Optional with 2nd and 3rd performer.

Note on video’s: Unfortunately, videos do not show the right image because of the large number of frames per second … Our brains ‘slow down’ the image when seeing so that the content becomes ‘readable’! The photos, on the other hand, are taken with a larger shutter speed, that represents reality.

Possible combinations with Visual LEDpoi:

Customer response: “The opening act was fantastic! Very good, everyone was very impressed. The two violinists of StringCats and the LED dancers were spectacular, the sound was good and fantastic the way the LED dancers visualized the Biotrans logo. In short, we were very pleased with the result. “Best show ever” was mentioned here and there!

With this special equipment all sorts of texts and images can be shown, for example the name of the event and the logo. This together with even more of your chosen images and texts that fit well with the event.

Approximately 4-5 different texts and 6-7 different images fit on the equipment per show. These texts and images will all pass by during the show. Each text or image remains the same for a number of seconds so that the audience gets the chance to read and see it. For the exact interpretation you will receive a ‘template’ of the show in which you can submit your content yourself.


The Visual LED poi act can also be booked together with the StringCats Electric Violin duo: ‘From Classics to Cyber’. Modern technology combined with classical elements. This opening act fits perfectly with themes such as ‘from old to new’, ‘from then to now’ and yes, ‘from classics to cyber’.


This show can also be booked in combination with StringCats Electric Violin Duo and with our Percussion act

The fire poi (fire show) is a spectacular show with beautiful choreographies, various materials and challenging techniques. This is a spectacular, custom made and surprising WoW! act that will blow you away!

Spectaculaire vuurshow

  • Logo poi Led poi act
  • Poi act voor huwelijksfeest
  • Percussion LED show
  • Percussion LED show
  • Visual Led Poi mogelijkheden
  • Show act met kandelaar met vuur en vuur poi
  • fire poi dance act
  • Vuur poi Vuur ballen dans fire poi
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