Acrobatisch tango duo

Acrobatische tango dance act

Acrobatic tango dance act: tango dance couple with acrobatic lifts!
This acrobatic tango duo provides a spectacular show with the sensual, passionate character of the tango and the impressive, spectacular aspect of acrobatics.
This (tango) dance act is performed by finalists of the wellknown dance contest ‘So You Think Can Dance’ and and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.
This awesome acrobatic tango dance act is perfect to use at events in the theme passion, cooperation (‘It takes two to Tango’), energy, power etc ..
During a dinner or congress this performance is a great 3-5 minutes energizer as an intermezzo or final act.

Intermezzo or opening act with WoW factor!

Many chic dinners booked already this spectacular intermezzo of these two great dancers / acrobats.
This acrobatic dance act can also be booked as an energetic opening act of a congress, optionally in combination with live musicians such as StringCats Electric Violin Duo as shown in the video on the right.

Technical info: a floor of at least 4 x 6 meters of free space is required for the dance couple. Their music will be played on an sound installation (not included) via USB stick.

Besides this acrobatic tango dance act, with lots of ‘spectacle’, we also offer a Modern tango dance act that is more sensual and closer to the classic tango dance. Of course, this dance act is called ‘modern’ because there are also acrobatic lifts and special, more modern choreographies. Because this dance is built a way, this act can also be booked with live musicians on bandoneon and guitar playing the music of eg Adios Nonino, Astor Piazzolla for a beautiful, passionate and energetic intermezzo .
  • Acrobatisch tango duo
  • Acrobatisch tango duo
  • Acrobatisch tango duo
  • Acrobatisch tango duo
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