Jaren 20 - Burlesque

Burlesque show acts en entertainment

From opening act with shadow-dancers where, for example, the director emerges between the feathers (first as a silhouette behind the screen) to Charleston dancers, Retro DJ Charley with the perfect 1920s music with modern beats and matching video images.

The burlesque show acts are inspired by music and images from the film ‘Burlesque’.

Entertainment program in theme burlesque

For a full evening entertainment program for a Burlesque theme party, Retro DJ Charley will play the best records from the turbulent 1920s. Special are the authentic images that he can display on a screen in order to get in the right atmosphere. With all the dancing people from the 1920s on the screen, guests are inspired in their twenties style dancing!
In addition, various intermezzi will be provided by our Burlesque dancers, each time appearing in a different outfit.
You can choose how ‘exposed’ the ladies can and must be, for every kind of event we offer the right costumes and outfits.

The theme roaring twenties can also be focused on Great Gatsby!
Just before the 1920s in the atmosphere towards it … a Moulin Rouge Show with Can Can dance, retro DJ, dancers with feathers, host etc.

Moulin Rouge

These beautiful Moulin Rouge ladies give your guests a warm welcome and various exciting dance performances, from CanCan to pole dancing.

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