Breakdance act openingsact in thema met breakdansers

Breakdance act in theme

Spectacular opening act or energizer with break dancers:

Breakdance act in various themes such as chefs, construction workers, lackeys, sailors, Santa men, business men, beachboys or of course in the tough urban style!
Dazzling, energetic breakdance show.


  • Perfect opening act for a company party or opening of a dinner or buffet.
  • Final act of dinner or kick-off after dinner party.
  • Energizer / intermezzo during a conference.
  • Surprise act on a birthday where the guests (often children) are invited for a short workshop with these professional, sympathetic and enthusiastic break dancers!
  • Theme act for dinner, start of a buildingproject, product launch etc.

A dazzling show with tight choreography, whatever the audience is, international, chic, young, seniors, civil servants, industrialists: this sparkling and energetic breakdance act is always successful. These best break dancers in the Netherlands will amaze your guests with their suppleness, headspins, turns, strength and acrobatic arts.

These break dancers are very flexible and can do their opening act or final act in almost every imaginable outfit or work clothing. As classic butlers or lackeys they can also be used during the reception at the entrance of an event at, for example, a castle or other historical location. Very surprising, original and adaptable to various themes.

The Breakdance Mafia show – Great Gatsby breakdance act

A kind of mini play with a spectacular break dancers and female dancers spectacle, suitable as opening act of event in the theme mafia. It is possible to have these dancers dressed in mafia style during the entrance of the guests as a kind of ‘tableau vivant’ so that the guests immediately come into that atmosphere.

This short but powerful show gets every audience upside down. The 3 running Mafia bosses, followed by 2 sexy ladies-dancers, transform into tough break dancers with the fastest moves, jumps and spectacular ‘headspins’ … (also possible in ‘small’ version with 2 dancers and 1 dancer)


The breakdance chefs open the buffets in a spectacular and surprising way. An overwhelming act that will amaze your guests!
The chefs transform into tough break dancers in a powerful and crazy breakdance chefs act!

Openingsact diner met breakdance koks

In addition to our breakdance acts, we can combine dance acts with break dancers.
You have the Urban Dance Show, with dance styles such as breakdance, hip hop, popping, locking etc.
A very wide range of dance styles, performed by dancers known from different talent shows on TV!
Breakdance and Percussion act: Three of the best break dancers in the Netherlands with two of the best Dutch drummers on percussion instruments and drum sets, give a super energetic, spectacular dance show that can be perfectly used as a opening of your event or as an energetic intermezzo during a dinner.

Three disciplines in one opening act or closing act: breakdance, electric violin duo StringCats and percussionists. In this video alle disciplines had their own performance that evening and than this final act where they all played and danced together on Beethoven 5th!

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