Electric violin act Miss Sun elektrische violiste

Violinist Miss Sun: ‘Vanessa Mae’ act on electric violin

Violinist Miss Sun plays her electric violin in a virtuoso way and presents a stylish, energetic show with ‘WOW’-effect! Miss Sun is a versatile solo artist and loves to make a show!

The ‘Vanessa Mae’-like electric violin act is a popular opening act for parties or dinners, during dinner intermezzo or final act of an event or congress or even as a short show in a club or disco. In a virtuoso way, this violinist plays live electric violin on crossover arrangements on ‘tape’: well-known classical music in contemporary performance or contemporary music made suitable for violin.
Also violinist Miss Sun plays with various DJs at various events. She is one of the two violinists of the popular StringCats Electric Violin Duo.

Violinist Miss Sun – electric violin act

Miss Sun is very well educated and plays diverse music styles on a high level, from classical to dance. She is part of the sparkling international opening act StringCats where the success reaches far beyond the Netherlands.

Miss Sun always makes the show with her performance and has proven not only in the Netherlands but also in Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Hamburg etc.

A Miss Sun performance with a spectacularly programmed laser show is perfect as an intermezzo or opening act up to 1000 guests. Laser and violin form a great audio-visual experience. See the second video on the right.
For uplifting or background music Miss Sun can also play live violin with various DJs . These duos can be used from Ibiza-lounge to club nights. See the video below for the background music in the lounge.

  • Violiste Miss Sun elektrische viool
  • Violiste Miss Sun elektrische viool
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