Grondacrobatiek acrobatische acts

Ground acrobatic duet on block – ‘Cirque du Soleil’

Ground acrobatic duet on block (1 x 1 x 1,80m height) or other particularly powerful, creative and enchanting ground acrobatics with handstands and contortion. Two highly integrated ground acrobats (man and woman) or handstands specialist and world champion gymnastics. A fusion of different high-quality techniques. An impressive and elegant control of strength, flexibility and dynamics!
For example, during dinner on a (covered) table playing with the glasses or on a 2 meter high white tunic 1 x 1 m. See pictures on the right.
On orchestral music compared to Cirque du Soleil, our ground acrobats provide a particularly beautiful, stylish 5-7 minutes performance as an intermezzo . This act can be performed in solo or in duo form.

Ground acrobatics with opera singer

For an even more spectacular show, it is also possible to start with a fantastic opera singer Isabella (soprano) who creates goose bumps with a beautiful aria or more cross-over piece and then sings a piece on which this acrobats duet on pedestal / high block her immensely powerful and breathtaking choreography does!

Contortionist Daniëlle is very popular as a contortionist and aerial acrobat in tissue and aerial hoop at company events or other events where a special intermezzo is desired.

Ground acrobat Collins with funny chairs act

Contorsionist / acrobat Renske who is increadibly lean!! Check also her act ‘Out of the Box’

Aerial duet in straps – if rigging is possible at your venue

Especially for special occasions there are unique and original aerial acrobatics acts that fits perfectly as an intermezzo, opening or closing act. For example, champagne can be served from the air, there are duo acts, Christmas acts etc.

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