Luchtacrobatiek tissue acts

Aerial acrobatics / tissue act / aerial hoop act

Aerial acrobatics exist in many forms and themes. We offer exclusive and unique air acrobatic shows in different themes, customized that fits perfectly as opening act or intermezzo.
-Tissue acts in different colors
-Aerial acts in various objects
-lounge animation acts when the guests are entering
-aerial acrobatics in combination with live music and DJ!

If rigging is not possible, we can also recommend beautiful ground acrobatics or a contorsionist (snake girl).

Intermezzo with aerial acrobatics in theme

Possible themes: water, James Bond, Burlesque, Great Gatsby, travel, future, global – international, South America, lounge, glitter & glamor, oscars, cooperation, trust, security … etc etc.
See also the videos in the right-hand column opposite.

Technical conditions:
-The ideal free working height for the tissue act is 6 to 12 meters.
-There must be one suspension point per air acrobat with a minimum pulling force of 500 kg per acrobat.
-A free diameter of 4 meters should be directly underneath the suspension point (ie 2 meters of free space from the center on the ground).
-There must be a genie (lift) available that the acrobate can use to hang the tissue or ring at the designated suspension point.
If rigging is provided by client: closed chain bag. Hoist speed at least 8 meters per minute. Rigging always in consultation with the Buro van Otterloo


We offer a very special, powerful acrobatic aerial act Duet in straps. Man and woman doing a wonderful choreography!
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