Elektrische viool violiste Danielle

Violinist Danielle: electric violin act

Violinist Danielle is a versatile violinist on electric violin with a divers repertoire, which contains classics, popsongs, rock, dance, jazz lounge, irish tunes and many other styles. She has performed in clubs and at festivals around the globe, but is mainly specialized in performances during business events as a solo artist, in duo formation, as part of a quartet with bands or with a DJ.

Show act or background act / mobile act

The show is fully ‘live on tape’ with a varied repertoire. Violinist Danielle offers a 30-minute high-impact show or 2 x 15-minute show. Other options are available upon request. During dinners and receptions she is able to create an atmosphere while walking through the audience. This performance takes an hour or two times 30 minutes. During this set (s) she will entertain the guests by going to the tables with her wireless electric violin.


A stage is great, especially to have a central focal point from where the show can start. Danielle likes to enter the audience during tranquil performances, but also during high impact shows she will find interaction. Please make sure the stage has even flooring and steps that are comfortable to walk in heels.
Your PA system requires sufficient power to support these musical styles and to obtain the wow-factor.


Elecric violinist in different ensembles

Violinist Danielle is a professional and classically trained violinist who has already gained a lot of experience in various ensembles and has played on many foreign stages. Including K-OTIC, KOVACS, The Exclusive Strings and in the string ensemble at concerts by Michael Bublé in the Netherlands.
A handsome, red-haired, multi-talented musician who can play the violin in many styles.

  • Violiste Danielle elektrische viool act
  • Violiste Danielle elektrische viool act
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