Femmes de la Nuit

Hostesses Femmes de la Nuit

Femmes de la Nuit are beautiful, charming, multi-tasking hostesses and dancers who have many beautiful, thematic and colorful oufits and accessories. The professionally trained hostesses / dancers can therefore have various tasks at one event. can also be used to fulfill one, For example, during reception guests they perform a host function and later they can show the guests – if desired on roller skates – the way to the dinertable or draw attention to a new program part or even dance on the music of DJ or band . This makes these hostesses multi-deployable. The minimum number of Femmes de la Nuit is two hostesses / dancers. Male Hosts – Hommes de la Nuit – are of course also bookable and desirable in some choreographies.

Show dance act or freestyle

Both a show act in every desired style and theme and an uplifting freestyle dance act to support the Party DJ is possible. For example, dancing between the guests to give the ‘good example’ and to enthuse them!

Various themes

Femmes de la Nuit can be booked including make-up and various standard outfits. Do you have a special theme or special color wish? Tailor-made suits are also possible, from striking club outfits to stylish suits or branded t-shirts, ask Buro van Otterloo for the possibilities. You can choose different themes, such as a nautical theme (Femmes Nautique) or Dutch.

Catering Model Hostesses

With an open look, stylish and service-minded, Femmes de la Nuit speak to your guests.
They can offer a solution and assist, for example, during the reception and diner placement of the guests. The styling and make-up are always connected to any desired theme or brand during your event or company party. But standard white or black outfit is also possible.

  • Femmes de la Nuit - hostesses en danseressen
  • Femmes de la Nuit - hostesses en danseressen
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