Jazz band Crooners Echo

Crooners Echo – Paul van Kessel soul & jazz band

Jazzband Crooners Echo, led by the great soul jazz singer Paul van Kessel, is applauded by the natural way of playing, the sophisticated, smooth sound, the open arrangements and the swinging grooves with which the jazz standards and popstandards from the years 40, 50 and 60. These ‘crooners’ honor their name and want to share it with their audience what real music is all about!

Customer response: “Everyone was super enthusiastic about Paul van Kessel and his trio, what are they good !!! It was a great evening and Crooners Echo certainly contributed a great deal to this. Many thanks for the good advice, good luck and gladly until next time! “

‘Crooner’ and ‘crooning’:

Crooners Echo. Named for that temperate, murmuring style, the well-recognizable opening arrangements. Of course the entrance of the microphone made much of this possible. Consider Louis Prima, Ray Charles, Louis Jordan, Nat King Cole, Dr John & Professor Longhair, and oh yes our beloved Louis Armstrong. These are a few of the legends that undoubtedly shaped the significance of the term crooning.That was the memorable yet vivid past.

Crooners Echo, formed in Amsterdam admires those countless icons in popular & jazz music, reestablishing it in this pure, open form while having a great time doing what they love the most. Yes, untainted impulses, ecstatic responses. From rags to riches. And from dream makers to heartbreakers. Whatever will move your feet and wiggle your toes to leave your worries on the doorstep!

Their characteristic, fervent style connects story telling with genuine interpretation of all time classics of the fifties and sixties. I couldn’t stress enough the startling vocal and melodic talents that make this the clean-cut cool band you’d want to be dancing to by the time you met with their groove.

This set of musicians admire those natural performers who sophisticatedly crooned their way through the most successful times the standard jazz and popular music era would go through. Allow them to convey this to you: Sharing is what real music’s all about!

The superb voice of Paul, accompanied by very talented musicians on piano, double bass and drums, combined with that delicious groove, make the Crooners Echo Quartet – a super cool band – let you dance and enjoy!

  • Jazz band Croones Echo
  • Jazz band Croones Echo
  • Jazz band Croones Echo
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