Lounge Live

LOUNGE LIVE: exclusive lounge act with lounge DJ and live musicians

The combination of lounge music by DJ Robert Feelgood and live music by musicians is brought in an innovative way. Various combinations are possible within this exclusive lounge act: lounge DJ with percussionist, saxophonist, harpist Rose, violinist, guitarist Wolf and pianist Piero but also a singier or dancer are possible within this innovative and exclusive lounge act.

Lounge Live: evening-filling concept with lounge music

The lounge music of Lounge Live: from downtempo lounge, jazz and soul to uplifting dance, making this act suitable as a background for dinners and receptions as well as for hip dance parties.

The Lounge Live décor is a specially designed white dj booth in which a so-called backdrop with the Lounge Live logo is integrated. Due to the use of LED light the background can change to any color.

The combination of lounge DJ with pianist Piero can also be used at a sensation white party. The pianist and DJ both play on beautiful white wings, for a special effect! See the third video on the right.

A quality act that can be used in different settings. An alternating theatrical live act that can even offer an evening-filling program. From lounge to up-tempo dance, it is all possible with Lounge Live.

Lounge DJ, Lounge music and lounging is popular!

Lounge music has become very popular mainly due to international Lounge clubs like the BudhaBar, Cafe Del Mar and the Dutch Supperclub. The addition of live musicians to this lounge music by Lounge DJ Robert Feelgood brings the lounge music to life. Think of Lounge DJ with sax, violin, harp, guitar or singer, who walks through the hall while he / she is playing or a constantly changing setting of musicians and decor in color and atmosphere.

Especially for smaller groups there is Saxophone Lounge: a unique compact Saxophone DJ act with Apple laptop! Saxophone Lounge is an exclusive compact musical Lounge concept of jazzy saxophone and trendy lounge music. A self-supporting background act with own sound set up to 150 people. a one man band that can handle a lot of people!
Air lounge is a very stylish, artistic, original entrance act for your event for a truly warm welcome of the guests . It is Lounge Live with an excellent air acrobat!
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