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Magician: magic act or table / close-up magic

A magician or close-up magician is welcome ‘guest’ at international events, family events or meetings where people not know each other well and should get in touch with each other. Due to the interactive nature of a magician performing with a small group of guests, people getting easily together.
We work with various very talented, sympathetic, young magicians who won many great prizes. This walking magician (s) is fast, energetic and easily connect to his audience. With a healthy dose of humor he knows how to distract his audience and to drop them from one surprise to another. Fast, witty, virtuoso. Promising!

Walking magician

He walks from table to the table and surprises the guests with his handsome tricks, his dexterity and his humor. He can not be followed, even when you are on top of it …
He is a star in ‘stealing’ your watch, so keep an eye on him!

As an intermezzo with a central act on stage

A magician who performs a central act on a stage of about 20 minutes. Guests are involved and occasionally asked for ‘assistance’ on the stage. See the video on the right during a sitdown dinner for international guests in the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam.

A combination of both is also possible: first a central act as an intermezzo and then walk around between guests for close-up magic.

  • With (safe) henna ink (paint) the most graceful, temporary (up to 2 weeks) henna tattoos are painted on the skin, as beautiful and original skin decoration.
  • The caricaturist draws a good resemblance to detail and sense of humor. You can give your guests an original memory.
  • John is an amazingly good mindreader, a social liaison man, a unique ‘experience’, a friendly mentalist and a winning magician!
  • Never before has there been such a sunny, positive and creative toilet space! A playful act with toilet ladies who entertain, give compliments and motivate.
  • Robin Matrix, een zeer talentvolle goochelaar
  • Robin Matrix, een zeer talentvolle goochelaar
  • rondlopende goochelaar
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