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Show ‘From Classics to Cyber’, ‘van old to new’

Show from ‘Classics to Cyber’ with custommade images from Visual LED poi dancers is a customized show where modern technology is combined with classical elements. This opening act fits perfect with themes such as ‘from old to new’, ‘from then to now’ and yes, ‘from classics to cyber’.

Think of your logo, slogan, text and images in this customized show that represent your company or the theme of your event?

NEW: This unique act with Electric Violins & Visual LED Poi. Tailormade show commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and first performed in April 2015 during the diner for international guests Ministers of Foreign Affairs from all over the world in the beautful and historic venue ‘De Ridderzaal’ in The Hague, on the occasion of the Global Conference of CyberSpace: GCCS 2015!

This stylish show with well-known classical music with beats is suprising, exciting and comptemporary
(Below is a video impression of the show. The images of the ledpoi can not be seen when a standard video is used. Without special settings with a smaller number of frames / second you can’t see the delayed’ image of the human eye (brain).
Therefor some pictures of other shows are added to give you the impression of the effect.

The StringCats Electric Violin duo and the Visual LED poi act can also be booked separately!
  • Elektrische violen act
  • VIsual LED poi met maatwerk beelden
  • LED Show
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