Luchtacrobaten aerial act in straps duet openingsact

Aerial act – duet in straps – love theme Valentine

Aerial act or aerial acrobatic act which is performed by a man and woman as a duet in straps. Graceful, exciting and powerful! Original and spectacular dance in the air by 2 acrobats. This aerial act fits perfectly in on an event with a LOVE theme like VALENTINE’s DAY.
There is always a rigger who accompanies the acrobats with a motor hoist.

Technical conditions aerial act

The ideal free working height for this aerial act duet in straps is 6 to 12 meters. There must be one suspension point with a minimum pulling force of 800 kg. Immediately below the suspension point there must be a free diameter of 4 meters (so from the center point on the ground 2 meters of free space on all sides). A genie (or a small lift) must be available which the rigger can use to suspend the motor hoist at the designated suspension point.
If rigging must take place more than 2 hours prior to the show, or if the removal of the motor hoist has to wait until the end of the event, waiting hours can be calculated.

Intermezzo with air acrobatics in theme

Aerial acrobatics comes in many forms and themes. This duet in straps is in theme love or Valentine’s Day. We offer exclusive and unique air acrobatic shows, even tailor-made when requested. A perfect opening act or intermezzo. Tissue acts in various colors, trapeze acts in various objects and lounge animation aerial acts in combination with live music and DJ! From solo act to duet in straps or tissues, quartet in tissue, etc.
If rigging is not possible, we can also recommend beautiful ground acrobatics or a contorsionist.

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