Italian singer Caterina solo or duo

Customer response to Italian singer Caterina:
What a great performance, what a beautiful voice. She was supported by a guitar player with the same qualities. The birthday boy is a music lover and plays  the guitar himself, among other things, we were all moved to tears by the beauty of her voice and their performance! We talked about it that evening a lot. Caterina and guitarist thank you very much and hope to see you soon!

Authentic Italian performance by Italian singer and guitarist

This vocal-guitar duo can play Italian music in the background during a cozy Italian drink or intimate dinner, but can also be a stage act. Caterina can perform for 30 minutes with accompaniment on tape (tape act) or be accompanied live by her guitarist and then play 2-3 sets within 3 hours.
The repertoire is contemporary, popular, but also known to other than Italian people, so lovers of Italian classics will not be disappointed!

Italian singer at wedding / marriage

Caterina likes to sing during a wedding ceremony or reception. She has selected a special repertoire for this and can sing the most beautiful songs with accompaniment from orchestra on ‘tape’ or even better with accompaniment from guitarist or pianist! On the right you will find a romantic video of a marriage proposal from a bridal couple to be, with the music of Italian singer Caterina ….

Examples from her Italian repetoire:
Ballads: quando – come saprei – la solitudine – senza una donna
Up-tempo: Io canto – Più bella cosa – Sway (Italian text!) – Tra te e il mare – Mambo Italiano (d. Brilliant version)

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  • Italiaanse en allround zangeres Caterina huwelijk
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