Piero Bianculli pianist jazz trio allround jazz popjazz

Pianist Piero Bianculli for jazz (background) music
solo piano, guitar-piano duo or piano jazz trio

Pianist Piero Bianculli is a fantastic and gifted musician. A very all-round pianist who is also a great singer. His specialty is jazz, soul and Italian music! A pianist who can provide atmospheric background music on an existing grand piano or piano, or on his own white lacquered pianoshell with his electric piano. Looks nice and can easily be amplified on a low level.

Bianculli duo: piano / vocals – guitar / vocals duo

Together with his regular guitarist Simone, he forms the Bianculli duo. They play all-round music, slightly amplified in the background or even entirely in Italian! Both Italian musicians are multi talented and play from Jazz to easylistening and pop songs. If desired, they can also play acoustically and walk around on double bass / vocals (Piero Bianculli!) And guitar / vocals during the entrance of your guests. At small extra cost.

Piero Bianculli jazz Trio: piano – bass – drums

Also for a spectacular jazz concert but also as jazzy background music, pianist Piero Bianculli has a nice compact line-up on piano (or rhodes), (contra-) bass and drums. A great jazz trio that is worthy of North Sea Jazz.
Great soul jazz!

The repertoire list is inexhaustible. From beautiful evergreens from The American Songbook, to Bossanovas and samba’s, pop ballads, Italian music and also own pieces. If desired, he also sings …

Piero Bianculli is also the motivator behind the Bianculli Piano Show Band. They put down a powerful party act: piano / vocals -contrabas / vocals – drums / vocals to be expanded to Show Band with guitar / vocals and singer! Pianist and singer Piero Bianculli, together with his drummer and contrabassist, will make an unforgettable musical, interactive party! The public can submit their request songs on the request cards and BPS plays it. See the video on the right.

Not only to book as a soloist / pianist , but of course also as the accompanist of a great singer or in soft amplified duo Piero Bianculli all-round duo (see video on this page) or acoustic duo with double bass or in trio with double bass and drums, the Italian duo or trio Colore!

Piero Bianculli won the 1st prize in the “European Jazz Contest 2010” with his trio in Rome

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