3Violas eigentijds klassiek strijk trio

String trio 3VIOLAS – contemporary classical music

String trio 3Violas – literally 3 violas – is formed by 3 young, talented and driven viola players. They play contemporary arrangements of well-known songs from all times and styles. These musicians all studied classical viola at the conservatory in Amsterdam, where they met.
In addition to their training in classical music, they also have a great love for many other styles of music and have studied them. In order to be able to make this music mix heard on stages, they founded 3Violas in 2015, with which they give various mini concerts.

Violin trio with contemporary arrangements for 3 violas

Violin trio 3Violas make string arrangements based on famous songs from all times and genres. For example, they played an arrangement on the Bachelor’s final exam of Geerten Feller based on the song “One” from Swedish House Mafia, which was a big house hit in 2010! You can see and listen to excerpts in the video on the right.

Violin trio 3Violas is formed by the now good friends Geerten Feller, Floris Faber and Hessel Moeselaar.
These musicians are constantly expanding their repertoire with ‘out of the box’ arrangements of surprising songs.

  • 3Violas strijk trio op altviolen
  • 3Violas strijk trio
  • 3Violas strijk trio
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