Dutch entertainment - Holland in a Nutshell

Dutch entertainment
“Holland in a Nutshell”

Dutch act for a typical Dutch reception or welcoming guests in Holland! With two Dutch clog girls and accordionist / barrel organ player. In a decor of Dutch tulips, cheeses, a green meadow, a backdrop with a Dutch windmill and two giant clogs. Guests can stand in the large clogs and take photographs with the charming Dutch clog dance girls! (no photographer, guests take photos themselves with their phone or camera). That’s always a great success and provides memorable moments and souvenirs for international guests!

Holland in a Nutshell at outdoor locations

Holland in a Nutshell is also a succesful act in shopping malls, outlet centers and at outdoor festivals with a Dutch theme! Such as the Tulpenfest in Postdam, Germany.
Pleasant sounds of the barrel organ through the street, with typical Dutch traditional songs ánd contemporary songs. The clog girls dance to the music, interact with the people and can even hand out some things (snacks, bites, flyers etc..)

Dutch entertainment in traditional Dutch costume

The clog girls can be dressed in a traditional Dutch costumes. They wear long skirts with aprons, blouses with “krablap”, wooden shoes (clogs) and the well-known white cap the “hul”. The accordionist who accompanies the clog dances with live music, is also dressed in traditional Dutch clothes and clogs. But the girls can also be booked in a more contemporary or sexy Dutch outfit…. (see header photo on the right). The accordionist also playes the barrel organ and there are various barrel organs from small to large so it fits in any venue!

Interaction of Dutch artists with guests

The Dutch clog dance girls also occasionally take a guest by the arm to do a nice traditional clog dance. This creates a relaxed Dutch atmosphere with a lot of fun and laughter! The guests can also learn a short clog dance, they can bring extra clogs. Optionally, these Dutch artists can also do a short act on a stage where, if desired, the guests are also involved in the last dance!

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