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Typical Dutch Entertainment -Theme Holland

Typical Dutch entertainment for an international event, where the organizer wants to show the foreign guests (a little bit of) Holland during reception or dinner. For example our special Dutch act ‘Holland in a nutshell’ with 2 Dutch clog dance girls in traditional costumes wearing clogs and dancing to live Dutch music played by accordeonist and/or barrelorgan. Or a fantastic Living Statue of the famous Delft Blue ‘farmers kiss’ performed by two beuatiful ‘mime-players. Or think of Dutch characters on stilts, or the Brinker brothers – two accordeon players who can entertain your guests with interaction, singing along, dancing along and playing some typical Dutch games…, or Dutch hostesses in more contemporary, ‘sexy’ outfits…. Please contact us for all possibilities.

The Dutch clog dance girls will welcome the guests in Dutch costume in a complete Dutch ambiance with cheeses, tulips, clogs etc., while typical Dutch accordion music is played in the background on CD or with a live accordionist or even with Holland barrel organ! There will be a short explanation about the history of the clog dance (voice-over or live if possible) and the typical Dutch costumes.

Clog dance girls for your Holland themed party.

Accordionist Jaap plays typical happy music on his accordion and while he walks around. From one group of people to the next group. Virtuoso he plays the ‘weddingmarch’, but also ‘la vie and rose’ and other songs to sing along, to listen to or to dance.

Bij een feest stemt Jaap zich per liedje af op een kleine (of grote) groep mensen om daarna als een ware ‘troubadour’ door te trekken naar een volgende groep, alwaar naar gelang de wensen, weer een ander lied kan gaan klinken. Zo ontstaat er gauw, al pratend en zingend, een gezellige sfeer waarin aan iedere muzikale wens zoveel mogelijk tegemoet wordt gekomen.

Accordeonist troubadour speelt van ingetogen achtergrondmuziek tot uitbundige feestmuziek

A Delft blue souvenir that not only appeals to the imagination of tourists. The Delft blue farmer and farmer’s wife represent the well-known kiss. They come to life on the sounds of Old-Dutch barrel organ music (if barrel organ present than with live barrel organ music). As dolls from a music box they dance and clap until the kiss makes them quiet again.
standard 2-3 x 30 minutes, distribution of playing time is negotiable.
Technical info:
playing surface of 2 x 2 meters (and min. 2.5 high)
the act uses 1 minute barrel organ music and 1 minute silence alternately.
given the size of the costumes, a spacious changing room for at least 2 people is desirable (sharing with other artists no problem) with warm running water to finish off.

Delfts blauw standbeeld - hollands entertainment

As side entertainment, the Femmes de la Nuit will welcome the guests on the reception in style and animate the guests during the evening in various guises show (of course dressed in stylish Dutch costumes). They enthuse guests at the dance floor when dancing is allowed!

Femmes de la Nuit - hostesses en danseressen

The barrel organ type ‘Het Pierementje’ is small enough to be driven inside and is operated by a gentleman who can stand in a special old Dutch costume for this occasion. The barrel organ is still turned by hand, so that the old-fashioned idea is back. There are cozy sing-alongs, so it’s always fun. Guests can also take the challenge of organ turning.
Together with the Dutch ladies it is also a very nice photo location, where your guests can take pictures with real Dutch people in traditional costumes.

Clog dance girls for your Holland themed party.

The Dutch ‘stilt walkers’ ‘Dutch Diva’s’ sway around on your event in theme ‘Holland’. With a portable speaker they also play cozy music on which they dance. On the photo with your guests and ensure a warm welcome on your event.

Steltenlopers act thema Holland,

Steltenlopers act thema Holland, Dutch Diva’s on stilts

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