JazzBirds een unieke jazz band met 4 vocalisten, close harmony groep

JazzBirds –  close harmony jazz band

Jazzbirds is a unique and excellent jazz band formed by young talented musicians. The line-up with 2 singers, 2 singers, guitarist and bassist is very special. They perform beautiful arrangements of the famous jazz pieces from The American Songbook, also the real old jazz.
Of course, JazzBirds can be expanded with additional musicians.

JazzBirds can perform entirely acoustically, for a small audience or as a listening concert, but also amplified for a larger audience.


This special jazz band is a combination and originated from The New Amsterdam Voices (a 7-member close harmony vocal group) and SongBirds (a quartet with 3 female singers and guitarist / singer with jazz and pop songs).
The musicians met each other at the Jazz department of the Conservatory van Amsterdam and are working hard together!

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