Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

Pop-Jazz ladysinger Katelijne van Otterloo

Katelijne van Otterloo is one of Holland’s finest and most charming popjazz singers and her repertoire and performance varies from sophisticated background soul-pop-latin-lounge-jazz music with a spark!, to a funky-latin popjazz forground performance where people might want to dance to!
She can be booked with guitarplayer in duo, with guitar and bass or piano in trio, guitar, bass, (light) drums in quartet and even in quintet with piano, guitar, bass and drums. Excellent combo to color your upscale dinner event with sophisticated music and performance. These professional, wonderful and flexible musicians know when your guests want to talk to eachother and therefor keep the volume low without loosing the spark!
Repertoire varies from (latin-)jazz standards from the American Songbook (Cole Porter, Gershwin, Ellington, Garner, Bublé, Diane Krall, Jobim, etc.), to pop standards (Sting, Norah Jones, Cindy Lauper, John Legend, Matt Simons, Gregory Porter, Tina Turner, Randy Crawford etc..), all played in very tasteful arrangements. She also can bring some really nice jazzy French repertoire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWJZj9-3eig (copy-paste link in your browser)

The perfect lady singer and band for a ‘warm bath’, a relaxed atmosphere during your upscale event!
Standard performance: 2-3 x 45 minutes within 3-3,5 hours. Including sound and light upto 100 persons.
Including travelling costs to area Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague. Excluding hospitality (crewdinner, soft-drinks), parkingcosts, extra sets, 6% VAT. Please contact us if you have any further questions or requests.


  • Client review on Katelijne 5-tet in the Scheepvaartmuseum: “It went perfectly well The music, both the performance and the choice of music, was very popular and made many compliments! I want to thank you again for the effort and
    professionalism! “
  • Client review on pop jazz duo: “The performance of Katelijne and the guitarist was very good, clearly a duo with a lot of experience and the right music choice, we enjoyed!”
  • Client review on pop jazz quartet: “Dear Katelijne, we would like to thank you for the wonderful music you played during our dinner, it was exactly the music we had in mind and of course great that our guests even danced!”

What others say about jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo:

  • “Jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo is a convincing singer with great improvisation skills and distinctive performance.”
  • “A charming personality who sings with great ease and visual expression.”
  • “This striking jazz singer, together with her regular accompanists, guarantees an exciting, swinging and sometimes moving combination: it is musical, pure and most of all completely natural.” (Radio programmer Imme Schade van Westrum).
    “Her voice is almost magic” (J. van Zon, concert review)
  • “Love, words set to music Katelijne is relaxed, her phrasing, her sense of swing and timing are always there, her performance is modest but at the same time certain and convincing, and that’s good. (First Lady of Jazz: Rita Reijs)
Together with guitarist Wolf Martini and / or bass player Bas van Otterloo, Katelijne forms an impressive guitar – singing duo or guitar – vocal bass trio. Katelijne also plays percussion instruments.
Also possible to perform guitar-bass duo (Bas en Wolf) together as soul-jazz duo Martini Suits. Katelijne can also participate later.

Besides pop-jazz singer, Katelijne van Otterloo is also master of ceremony or lady speaker at corporate event, gala dinner, award ceremony or anniversary celebration, where she can also play a double role as a singer with her live band (duo, trio or quartet ).

As a hostess, Katelijne guides the guests through the program in a professional and relaxed manner, announces speakers, artists and performances with verve and can also interview the director, for example, as a variation on a speech by the director. The role as master of ceremonies is perfectly suited to her.

Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

CD Katelijne van Otterloo Cat’s Tale (2013)

Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

SACS Marantz featuring jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo

Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

CD Katelijne van Otterloo ‘Colors of Jazz’ (2008)

Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

CD  Katelijne van Otterloo ‘Full Colour’ (2004)

Pop jazz zangeres Katelijne van Otterloo

CD  Katelijne van Otterloo ‘Epps & Cathy’ (duo gitarist Albert Deinum) (1997)

Before Katelijne started her solo singing career, she scored top 40 hits with her girl group Exposure in the 90s. During this time she also presented the TV program EXPLOSIEF, primetime on SBS6, in duo presentation together with Jeroen van der Boom.
As a young girl of 7 she enjoyed classical piano lessons for 13 years and made her own shows, with songs and acts, between the sliding doors. During her engineering studies at Delft University of Technology, she was lead singer of various bands from jazz to disco and even rock. After her graduation, she specializes in jazz and pop jazz music, where her love goes out.
With this musical background jazz singer Katelijne van Otterloo is an adult singer with a powerful personality and strong performance.
Katelijne sings, swings, flirts and touches. She crawls under your skin and leaves a wonderful memory
Katelijne van Otterloo is a singer who is convincing, has a great ability to improvise and therefor has a distinctive performance. A personality who sings with great ease and expression. It’s musical, pure and above all completely natural.
Her voice is like magic
Katelijne van Otterloo
is one of Holland’s finest popjazz singers and she calls her performances ‘popjazz with a spark’! Her repertoire varies from sophisticated background music to a funky-latin popjazz performance where people might want to dance to! With her duo, trio, quartet or quintet or even as featuring vocalist, Katelijne is a popular artist and often seen at high-end events and festivals.
Katelijne released 5 CD albums in Holland and 2 albums in Bangkok, made a theatertour in Holland and also performed in Thailand, France, Switserland, Germany, Belgium, Norway and Italy.

Also check www.katelijne.nl

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