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Haka workshop / experience

Haka workshop / experience

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Haka workshop and experienceHaka workshop is a new, unique and energetic team building workshop for groups of all sizes and ages. This authentic Haka experience guarantees fun, interaction and output. With this Haka expercience people will never forget your event!

The HAKA -what is it?

The Haka is an ancient dance of the New Zealand Maori and was traditionally used to prepare for war. It would be performed before the battle with the enemy. The nature of the Haka was important in creating a bond amongst the group, to mentally prepare them for the reality of war.

Nowadays, the Haka is used during Maori ceremonies and celebrations to honor the importance of an occasion. You may have seen a Haka performed by the New Zealand All Blacks before a rugby match. Doing the Haka helps the All Blacks team to become one unit and to draw strength and power from each other to take on any challenge that arises.

This Haka workshop and experience will combine ancient traditions with a modern day twist, to create a fun and energetic team building exercise.

HAKA workshop at your event

For many types of groups we provide team building workshops. Business outings, sport teams, group outings, personal parties, bachelor parties, large or small events and opening ceremonies.

The main goal of our workshops is to encourage self-confidence, to develop team spirit and to strengthen your teams performance towards accomplishing goals. We offer four types of workshops to fit all occasions.

The power experience: Looking for a fun and energetic way to open up a meeting or an upcoming event, this is the workshop for you. A short and powerful workshop that will have you warmed up and ready to tackle anything the day brings.

The introduction experience: This is a great start to experience the Haka for the first time. We will give you a shorter impressive guide to the Haka, and teach you the positive and fun influence it can have on your overall team spirit.

The authentic experience: If you’re looking for the optimal team building exercise, then this is a perfect workshop for your team. Your team will create and perform its own Haka, which will encourage team work, communication and creativity at its best.

The performace experience: Are you wanting  a Haka performed at an upcoming event or wanting to impress a new client, then this is the experience for you. A powerful and passionate demonstration of the Haka will be performed to leave a lasting impression on your day.

For more information on each workshop, prices and operating times, please feel free to reach out to us by visiting our contact page.Group of 600 people who need to be energized for a hughe brainstorm session and express new visions and missions:
Duration for each workshop: 30 minutes
Trainers: 3
Numbers per group: 200

1st phase: Introduction
* instructors will demonstrate a full version of the Haka, to surprise your group and catch their attention.
* A short presentation of what the Haka represents.
* Teach Maori traditions, such as the greeting and the Pukana (facial expressions), which will get them outside their comfort zone!

2nd phase: Teaching the Haka
* We will teach the group the important actions and words of the Haka. This will encourage your group to fully participate together as one.

3rd phase: Perform as a group
* We split the group down the middle.
* 1st group (100 people) will do the Haka to the 2nd group.
* 2nd group (100 people) will also do the Haka to the 1st group.
* This will give a competition edge to the workshop. We will judge on power, intensity and volume.

4th phase: Closing Haka
* Instructors will close the workshop off with another Haka.
* This is to thank our ancestors for our unique culture, but also to thank the group for its participation and team work.

Are you interested in booking a real authentic Haka workhop? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss all possibilities!×600.jpg×300.jpg×600.jpg